Why Migrate to Sweden?

Why Migrate to Sweden?

Sweden is a land of many hues and colors and for a tourist it is simply a great country. It is a country of century old cultural traditions that reflect in the everyday lifestyles of the Swedes. No doubt, modern life style trends also have a major role to play in the lives of those who intend to settle there or those already residing there.

The question one may ask oneself is "Why Migrate to Sweden"? No doubt, for greener pastures, for better job opportunities in Sweden, hopefully a better lifestyle. The economic prosperity in terms of better health, higher economic growth rate and plenty of employment opportunities in Sweden make it a most desired place to live in. It is popular for its best lifestyle trends, which are akin to other European countries. Swedes do not in any way lag behind in etiquette and cordial attitude towards settlers. No doubt, with a spurt in immigration the ethnicity balance did get affected, but yet one can live in Sweden comfortably.

Swedes love music and are art lovers. The music consists not only of traditional folk music but is also quite "hippy". Several renowned artists are from Sweden and several well known authors are Swedes such as August Strindberg, Astrid Lindgren. World renowned painters such as Anders Zom and Carl Larsson are from Sweden.

Swedish cuisine is exquisite and consists mostly of meat, potatoes, fish and dairy products. It is not very spicy. A tourist would simply love to taste Swedish cuisine One can expect best education in Sweden as there are several boarding schools privately funded as well universities which offer varied courses. No doubt, local Swedes usually take on jobs after their secondary education unlike other countries in USA, UK and Japan. There are "free schools" which are publicly funded. So one can seriously think of settling down and having access to best education in Sweden.

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